Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Favorites 2.03.17

We had a casino open up near us, and Matt is dying to go. I am thinking this dress would be so cute for a date night and some gambling!

I have been an Amazon Prime madwoman lately, and have been ordering everything I could possibly order to prevent me from actually leaving the house. This week I ordered a new hair dryer.  I have had the BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Hairdryer forever, and it's worked just fine. My daughter decided she needed a better hairdryer, so I passed off my 8 year old (or more) hairdryer to her and went in search of a new one.

My daughter decided she needed my old one, so I went in search of a new one. I ended up ordering theElchim 2001 Classic. I've used it three times so far, and it's also I like it, but not sure I love it? I have very frizzy, brittle hair and would love to find something that really helps smooth it out. So far I'd give this a B.

Speaking of hair, I also decided to try this.

I read about it on another blog, it's the My Amazing Blowdry Secret Shake and Spray. It's supposed to help with frizz, add shine and cut down on blowdrying time.  I do think it's giving me some heat protection, and my hair seems to feel softer, so it's getting a B+.

We haven't had a bad winter so far, but that hasn't kept me from snuggling under this blanket every day. It's definitely been a favorite!

I took my sweet girl to get her third piercings this past weekend, and she talked me into letting her get her cartilage done. She's 15, and I had mine done when I was just a few years older, so cartilage it was. ;) This is definitely a favorite photo from this week.

I will be doing some serious blog surfing this weekend. I am looking for suggestions on skincare and makeup.  I have huge, and I MEAN HUGE pores and I have not been able to find a foundation that I works to help even out my skin and hide them. I'd love some suggestions if you have a foundation  or skincare that you love.

Linking up with some favorite bloggers today.

Have a great Friday!

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Melissa Fitch said...

Darling dress! Would be perfect for a night out and looks comfy, too! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!